Based in Salerno, Italy

Co-developer for platform conversion
N3 srl
Based in Milan, Italy

Release date:
February 16th, 2021 (PC),
Q3, 2021 (iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch)

Steam PC

Steam Mac
Nintendo Switch




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USD 19.99
EUR 17.99



“Mountains of Madness” is a graphic adventure which takes place in the world of the master of horror, H.P. Lovecraft. Set in the ’30s, it traces the events narrated in the novel “At The Mountains Of Madness”, which tells the story of an expedition of scientists bound for the South Pole only to come across a shocking discovery. This is only the beginning of the many incredible and mystifying events which shall befall them. The game is populated by characters unique to the Lovecraftian style of exploration into the unknown, and spans many far-flung eras, even revealing the shrouded origin of the Necronomicon itself. Mountains of Madness is an epic journey in which discovering the truth behind its terrible mysteries is but a passport to madness


Mountains of Madness tells the story of the private investigator Lone Carter, who we first met 10 years hence in the original Chronicle of Innsmouth, first chapter of the saga. We shall also journey to ancient Yemen, assuming the role of Abdul Alhazred – “The Mad Arab”, creator of the Necronomicon – and even step into the shoes of H.P. Lovecraft himself as he seeks the roots of the ancient mysteries surrounding his own bloodline.


  • Play as Lone Carter, Abdul Alhazred – “The Mad rab”, and H.P. Lovecraft himself;

  • A wonderful atmospheric art style rendered in 640x360 resolution;
  • A series of dedicated Motion Comics showcasing underlying disturbing events;

  • Original soundtrack enhances the eerie atmosphere of the game;

  • Everything in the hands of a massive Lovecraft geek as inspired by the master!

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