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Old Style Graphic Adventure

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Game Features

  • Play as Lone Carter, Abdul Alhazred – “The Mad Arab”, and H.P. Lovecraft himself;
  • A wonderfull atmospheric art style rendered in 640x360 resolution;
  • Everything in the hands of a massive Lovecraft geek as inspired by the master;
  • A series of dedicated Motion Comics showcasing the underlying distrubing events;
  • Original soundtrack showcasing the underlying disturbing events.

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Mountains of Madness is a graphic adventure set in a world of cosmic horror as penned by the creator, and master, of the mythos: H.p.Lovecraft. Set in the 1930s, the game provides players with the opportunity to participate in the narrative of Lovectaft’s masterpiece work “At the Mountains of Madness”,, wherein a scientific expedition to the world’s southern polar region makes a shocking discovery…